Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Of Premises and Intents

Now that I’ve marked the opening of this blog with the debut of the What’s Wrong With America Cookie, I thought a proper introduction was in order.

There are a lot of authors out there writing about writing and giving insight into publication, and a lot of these authors are doing it quite well.  To some extent, you’ll see similar subject matter covered here.  Let’s face it; the World of Publication is so confounded, it practically exists in some clandestine, shadow universe separated from reality and the common sense of ordinary business.  Most of us gather what we know from a culmination of insiders voicing their experiences.  So conversations about industry insight help, though I still think most of us would only scratch our heads if pressed to take a position on an issue such as the future of ebooks.

INK ROCK’s focus, however, will be on the physical places and their connection to authors and works.  Our planet; our ink.  Authors are spatial observers and, whether intentionally or not, affected and inspired by the cities, landscapes and surroundings that fuel their ideas and stories.  INK ROCK will seek to piece together a new literary atlas by asking some of today’s authors the modern equivalent of questions like, “How did the Lower East side affect Ginsberg and Burroughs,” and “How did Hemingway’s three year stay in Paris inspire his writing?”   

And, of course, when I'm not exploring the literary physical world, INK ROCK will strive to bring you the latest in industry news and issues with topical discussion. 

With all that said, Welcome! 


  1. Now that is an interesting premise, Stephen. I think it will open up some insights into the mechanics of storytelling.

    BTW: Congratulations on landing representation, M'man! Kudos!

  2. Cheers, Peter! We're trying for a travel show angle and hope to eventually have some on location media.


  3. Nice angle, Stephen. I'm looking forward to following the blog.

  4. Very interesting premise, Stephen. I am excited about what the future of this blog holds for us readers!

  5. Hi! I came on over from AW to see your blog. Looks good so far!