Monday, May 16, 2011

Destination: AMSTERDAM (From

Recently, while perusing my usual line up of often-frequented industry sites, I stopped by Author John Green’s website and discovered that he had moved to the most famous city in the Netherlands to write and do research for an upcoming book. 

I am Jack's inflamed sense of Jeolousy.

While the invention of a fiction can exist exclusively in the imagination, I’ve discovered that Destination Writing can often produce some of the most vivid and transporting stories.  For example, when reading Looking for Alaska, John Green’s exploration of high school relationships and emotional conflict, you can almost feel the experience of being thrust into the teenage class system of Indian Springs School.  All the details and the nuances in the prose shine in such definition, you might as well be looking at a photograph.  The reason, you might not be surprised to discover, is that John Green actually attended the boarding school which provides the setting for the novel.  One can conclude that experience in a real, physical place only enriches the experience of reading about that place.

While in Amsterdam, John will be communicating with his brother Hank via YouTube (as they have for several years now) and giving very entertaining updates on both the experience of living in the city and his process of writing on location.  - Highly suggested.

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