Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bookstore Bucket List compiled a list for “The World's Most Inspiring Bookstores,” and put together a slideshow (linked here) showcasing their fourteen choices.  They are in no particular order or rank, but some of the more interesting finds, I thought, included an ancient cathedral in the Netherlands now converted into a bookstore, a nineteenth century theater in Argentina, and an entire book town within the city of Tokyo - one hundred and fifty stores, not including mega-stores, and the major publishing houses all crammed into one district of a few streets. Unsurprisingly making the list is a personal favorite of mine, and holding position at the top of my own bucket list, Shakespeare & Co., Paris, France.

Here are Salon’s top fourteen, but definitely swing by their site and experience the slideshow.

1.         Daunt Books – London, England.
2.         John King Books – Detroit, Michigan
3.         Selexy Dominicanen – Maastricht, Netherlands
4.         Borges & Cortazar – Buenos Aires, Argentina
5.         Montague Bookmill – Sawmill River, Massachusetts
6.         Lello Bookshop – Porto, Portugal
7.         Jimbocho Book TownTokyo, Japan
8.         Shakespeare & Co. – Paris, France
9.         Argosy Books – Manhattan, New York
10.       Eslite – Taipei, Taiwan
11.       Powell’s Books – Portland, Oregon
12.       Azbakia Book Market – Cairo, Egypt
13.       Medival walled book village – Uruena, Spain   
14.       City Lights Bookstore – San Francisco, California

Did they miss your favorite?  Let us know!


  1. Can't say they missed any favorites, Stephen, but it did give me one heck of a travel list should I win the Lotto. ;)

    Heck, now-a-days, I'm tickled just to see a bookstore somewhere.

  2. I know what you mean, Peter. It is good to see a bookstore anywhere. And I'm scratching my Pick 6 Tickets right now! ;)

  3. I think we should all drop what we are writing or editing and road trip (spoken like a woman who thinks the weather is too nice for the research she's doing, eh?)

  4. Ooo, that's a really cool list. Thanks for sharing.
    I found your blog via AW and would love it if you would swing by my blog for a visit