Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bookstore on Fire - Kindle's Next Gen

I love a good unveiling.  With the October 4 debut of iPhone 5 (or is it iPhone 4.5?) and Canon lifting the wrapper off of something mysterious on November 4, the next month is going to be neat-o.  Yeah.  I'm bringing back 'neat-o.'

But FIRST!  Today marked the World Premiere of the Kindle Fire.  I imagine the commercial will go something like this:

If not, I think they are missing out on some potential marketing genius.

This is quite an interesting piece of technology and may hint at what the future of the book may be.  It's a capable little machine and I wonder if there will be a market for some sort of mixed media once these little devices find their way into our homes.  Can you imagine a book with music clips as you read a page?  Or a video supplement?  Or some kind of Pop Up Video, but you know, for books?


  1. Hmmm...I never looked at it like that. I don't know...I'm just so old-fashioned. I mean, don't get me wrong. I can't live without my Blackberry or my iPod or my laptop. But...books...books...oh just leave them alone! Let me forever be able to curl up in a comfy chair and a soft blanket and a crackling fire and a good, old-fashioned book...don't take that away from me!

  2. Frankly, I'm with you April. And I don't ever see paper books becoming extinct. A minority, perhaps, but never gone entirely (hopefully). Though it is interesting to be an observer during what might be the evolution of "Reading a Book."

  3. I'm going to one up you and say "neat-o mosquito!"

    I have yet to own or use a tablet or e-reader. I have a Kindle app on my Mac, and I do like it for those books and short stories where I need instant gratification. But mostly, yeah, I'm old fashioned and I love the feel of paper under my hands.

    Oh, and cookies. Cookies under my hands are good too.