Monday, June 20, 2011

Go the F*** Away

This is getting old. 

First, the rapper Common gets skewered by Fox News for a poetry read at the White House and labeled a proponent of killing cops because of lines taken out of context from a poem he wrote – the same poem which ironically takes a stand against such violence.  The truth, unfortunately for those making the preposterous accusation, was only a stanza or two deeper into the piece.

Then there was The Wall Street Journal’s now infamous attack on young adult fiction which suggests that reading dark material may inspire one to dark action.  You’ll forgive me if I abstain from rehashing that fiasco. 

Now, in an opinion piece at Fox News dot com, there is another tear shed for the supposed erosion of our wholesome culture, all because of the new bestseller “Go the F*** to Sleep.”  You should also know that the opinion is written by an author who claims (several times) that F*** is an obvious parody of his own work and sites some fairly universal themes as reasons why.  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but because the piece is such an obvious grab at some of F***’s success, evidenced by the numerous links back to his personal author web page, I’m opting not to link the story here. 

Because really, f*** that guy.

What is so ludicrous is the suggestion that Go the F*** to Sleep is even a children’s book.  Sure, it may have that sugary style, hand-drawn art, and bright colors found in the genre, but F*** is a children’s book like an Apple Martini is a kid’s drink.

And of course there is the (now seemingly mandatory to these opinion pieces) desperate cry for society to examine its culture.  As if America has one culture.  Still, seeking homogenization of our culture into the author’s vanilla version doesn’t really offend me.  I disagree, but whatever.  Such an idea is simply selective blindness to the layers of American culture which are obviously different from his own, but really, at the end of the day, it’s just ignorance.  So be it and to each their own.  At least I can turn a deaf ear to that sort of talk.

But like the claims that young urban kids listening to Common might be inspired to kill a cop and that somehow young adults reading dark YA might be inspired to cut themselves, this ending point, made as the opinion writer’s last ditch effort to sell his argument, f***ing pisses me off:

“Also, can't we admit that ‘Shut the F*** Up!’  could slightly encourage spousal abuse? Don't we think ‘Go the F*** to Sleep’ might conceivably encourage child abuse?”

Enough with the fear tactic, already.  It’s desperate and lazy.  But, sadly, it is also effective and dangerous, and very irresponsible.  These opinion pieces are known to gain momentum in certain circles and only build intolerance.  Is it too much to ask for one side to simply disagree with the other without suggesting the pillars of our communities may crumble? 

So, if you please, Mr. Opinion Writer…for the sake of the many cultures of America, which are doing just fine, thank you very much…go the f*** away.


  1. "...but F*** is a children’s book like an Apple Martini is a kid’s drink."

    HA! Loved that line. Wait, am I not supposed to let kids drink Apple Martinis?

    Great post.

  2. Good Lord, one would think a sense of humor is an endangered species from this series of ridiculous overreactions. Who would be dumb enough to read this book to a child, or to take its message in a violent sense?! GAH

  3. Thanks, all. And I agree. There are some people out there that take themselves WAY too seriously.

  4. I want to go read this article, but I won't. You've already told me everything I need to know about it, which is very little.

    To search for it, and click through, would be to lend it the tiniest bit of credence, far more than it deserves.

    Also, have you seen the YouTube piece of Samuel L. Jackson reading Go the F**k to Sleep? It's awesome.

  5. That was my reason for not sticking his link there. The author's name is Eric Metaxas. He's a popular author and recently (so he claims) was given the award for Christian Book of the Year. For whatever that's worth. But that link he makes from words to spousal abuse and child abuse. So disappointing.

    And I agree - Samuel L. Jackson is awesome. Though I think he could read the back of a corn flake box and make it sound awesome.