Thursday, June 23, 2011

ALOHAMORA: Pottermore Revealed!

I have to admit, I came to Harry Potter a bit late.  Book Five or Six.  The reason, I think, was that all along I thought the series was a sort of kid-exclusive fairytale.  Seeing Chris Columbus’ take on the first movie only reinforced that opinion.  And the covers looked liked cartoons.  They were beautiful, but not something that I was very comfortable with reading in public.

Had I lived in Britain, however, the covers at least wouldn’t have been a problem.  Check these adult versions out:

A stark and very cool contrast to the American versions.

This, though, isn’t a post about my experience in, or my love for, the world of Harry Potter.  This is about J. K. Rowling’s BREAKING NEWS revealed today!

The door has been unlocked (presumably by an alohamora spell), letting us sneak a peek into what’s coming.  Here is in Rowling’s own words:

I’m not sure how deep or ambitious this community will be, but if anything, this is a brilliant way to announce the release of the ebooks.  Though, this may leave Apple users out, because as of now the only way to purchase ebooks for the iPhone and iPad is through the Apple Store, and Pottermore is the exclusive destination to purchase eHarry Potter.  It debuts in October.


  1. I still haven't read the Harry Potter books. My husband has a few (that actually belong to his ex-wife as he's not a reader, but she left them, so they're mine now if I want), and I've thought about starting them...I just don't know if I'll be able to get into it. I have to admit, my curiosity is starting to get to me. But you know what they say about that...

  2. I avoided them for a long time (until right before the release of the 4th book) because I had this one friend who just endlessly tried to describe the plots, but ended up making it sound really dull in the process... Then another mutual friend finally convinced me to read them, and I finish the first 3 in about as many days :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing what the new website has to offer! Mostly I think the "extra content" from Rowling will be the best part...
    Not gonna lie, I was a little worried that "Pottermore" would turn out to be a continuation of the series. Which I think would just... not work very well... considering they already defeated the worst evil ever...

  3. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Rowling's books - I started one while going to school in the northeast of England, which was very Hogwarts-like. The depth of her imagination is seemingly boundless. Since my first one (5), I've read all the following books (6&7) and then went back and read the first. I enjoyed them very much.

    All the extra content reminds me very much of what you get when you buy a DVD or Blu-ray. It's great for readers...

  4. where did you go to school in the northeast? just curious, cause I lived in Newcastle for a while :)

  5. Durham! Just south of the Toon! (It's what the Story Behind the Story Series is about here at INKROCK.)

  6. SWEET! I'd never seen the "adult" version of the covers. Now if I could get some trashy romance with philosophy dustjackets....

  7. ooo, I love Durham!! well, not as much as York... but it's so adorable! :) been through there 4 or 5 times... did you get one of the dorm rooms in the keep? I was always so jealous of anyone who went to uni there...

  8. Actually my characters in THE REVELATION SAGA go to school at Castle College, and the mc has a room in the keep.

    I went to Collingwood, just around the corner, and was totally jealous of the Castle students.