Thursday, August 22, 2013

Operation One Year

This August marked the one year countdown to the launch of my debut book, The Revelation of Gabriel Adam. It's a weird place to be, this so-close-yet-so-far-away publishing limbo, and to be honest, being consumed by writing the sequel and editing my middle grade WWII story for another round of submissions for my agent, I hadn't much thought about the upcoming release. That is, until my editor sent me the jacket copy for approval. (It's the description of what the book is about.)

As it turns out, a year isn't very much time at all. There will be cover approvals, copy edits, advance reading copies, final pages consuming the days from now until then. The deadline list goes on and on. And after it all, in one year's time, my book hits the shelf.

What that means is that here, at INK ROCK, I'll be posting a lot more. I want to include you on the process, tell you about cool lit places and the characters that inhabit them. In addition, I'll toss in some interviews with some authors you really need to know.

So stay tuned!

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