Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You're the Best...Around

The Karate Kid had such awesomely terrible music. I love it.

So it's Christmastime again.  Apparently, according to Fox News and The Daily Show, there's a war being waged against the holiday. Though, with most of my local radio channels having been dedicated to Christmas music since the day after Thanksgiving, I think Christmas is winning. I wonder if Roman Pagans thought there was a war on their Winter Solstice holiday when Constantine gave December 25th to the Christians?

But never mind all of that. I think I've discovered the true meaning of the holidays: Best of the Year Lists! If you've turned on a TV or a computer or read a newspaper you might have noticed The New Years Creep that began slipping into your life sometime at end of November with special year-in-review episodes, or Best of Lists. Oh, my. Are there ever lists. Lists of the year's best books, video games, fashions, restaurants, etc., etc. December is saturated in them. And why not? Thanksgiving did it to Halloween with early announcement of Black Friday specials. Christmas did it to Thanksgiving. Black Thursday anyone? I think it's only fair that the New Year get its due.

Of all these lists the one that gets me is the Best Books of 2012, put out by most literati publications. These lists inevitably make me feel like some illiterate ape. Usually, I only recognize about ten percent of what's even on them. But with editing and writing my on stuff, I run about a year behind, catching up on must reads. At least, that's my excuse.

Below, I've compiled the list of lists. A Best of List of 2012 of the Best Books of, List!! (Say that three times fast.)

1. The New York Times Best of 2012

2. Publishers Weekly Best Books 2012

3. Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2012

4. Goodreads Choice Awards 2012

5. NPR Best Books of 2012

6. Vogue Magazine Best Books of 2012

7. Huffington Post Best Books of 2012

8. Washington Post Best Books of 2012

9. Best Books of 2012

10. Entertainment Weekly / Amazon Best Books of 2012

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